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Services - Technology Management

With 25 years experience in delivering the right product to market, we have a broad understanding of all of the operational components beyond product development that go into timely delivery of successful, high-caliber products.

TBP offers the following technology management services:

Assessment: Measurement of your operations can help you define and track how well your product/service development and support meets your business goals. Tactical Business Partners can help identify, implement and utilize operations measurements that help you achieve your goals for product/service development and support.

Engineering Ramp-Up: TBP is employed in this role when the principals have a product idea, but have never led a development effort. TBP is brought in to create the requirements specification, determine whether outsourcing development is preferable over internal development, find and contract the outsourced resources or hire the development team, and then manage the development process – a soup-to-nuts solution.

Interim Technical Management: TBP provides interim technical management to an existing team by providing process expertise on what is required to get product out the door. In this role, there is usually a young development team that can create software, but does not understand the other components to releasing a quality product. TBP can introduce process into the organization in the form of on-the-job training on how to schedule development, perform systematic QA, develop a support plan for once the product is released, determine what help/documentation is needed, employ multi-release configuration management techniques, etc.

Outsourcing Advocate: TBP can advocate for your outsourced IT project and can help you define and track how well the outsourcer is meeting your business goals. TBP will assure that only those development components that are required are developed, and not components that cloud the issues or delay development.

Mentoring: TBP is brought into an organization to work with young, inexperienced senior technical management, acting as an in-house mentor. Typically, TBP trains the CTO/VP of Engineering in place on issues of process, management, and motivation, while simultaneously setting up those processes and "managing from behind" for the in-house management.

IP Strategizing & Definition: TBP provides advice and analysis of technology and intellectual property that may be applicable to a given business. TBP will evaluate IP, write provisional applications, and advise on strategic technology decisions.

TBP also provides the following additional services:

  • E-business Design Consulting
  • Knowledge and Content Management Services
  • Web application Development
  • E-business Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Product Validation & Verification


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