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Services - Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement requires a broader view of both information technology and business activity. Information technology capabilities should support business processes and business processes should be in terms of the capabilities of computer applications. Information technology has to be a partner with business because it is an enabler to business.

To that end, Tactical Business Partners will quantitatively assess the present mode of operations vs. future mode, develop a sound, results-driven implementation plan, and implement that plan on-time and on-budget. We will work with you to determine the optimal solution ranging from pure process improvement to software package implementation to a custom built solution.

Tactical Business Partners is typically engaged by a client to provide services like:

Business Process Evaluation
To provide analyses of current business processes, looking for opportunities for efficiencies. In this role, TBP will be brought in to evaluate current processes with an eye towards possible improvements by the introduction of new technology, new staffing skills, and new processes. We determine the strategic relevance and quality of the process to the business. We look for any immediate, fast improvements to the process that have low cost and high return. We next benchmark existing applicable IT technology, communications, staffing skills and process flow to determine if it is an enabler for the process or a constraint. We document the key issues and parameters and then recommend enhancements, along with metrics on how the recommended changes will improve quality and the bottom line.

Business Process Improvement
To provide process expertise on specific areas of concern. In this role, TBP has brought efficiencies to a client's business by designing and implementing new processes for QA, ERP, Product Development, Customer Support, etc. TBP can act as an agent for change in one particular problem area in the process, determining the process and infrastructure solution with the best ROI, and seeing that that solution is correctly implemented.

Business Process Mentoring
To provide process expertise on what is required to get a specific product out the door. In this role, there is usually a young development team that can create software, but does not understand the other components to releasing a quality product. TBP typically will introduce process into the organization in the form of on-the-job training on how to schedule development, perform systematic QA, develop a support plan for once the product is released, determine what help/documentation is needed, employ multi-release configuration management techniques, etc.


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