Case Studies

1.   Issue: Internet entertainment infrastructure provider loses VP of Development to "burn-out."

TBP Action: TBP steps in as VP of Development, responsible for technical & operations teams. Led product team through 2 major on-time releases, crucial to subsequent funding plans.

2.   Issue: Medical informatics organization's technical operations deliver projects late, over-budget, lacking quality

TBP Action: TBP steps in as technology head, institutes development processes, new budgeting guidelines, instituted a new technology roadmap, resulting in delivery of subsequent projects on-time and on-budget, improved customer relations, improved team morale.

3.   Issue: Venture capital firm looking to roll-up companies in home-furnishing vertical, not sure of how to evaluate value of underlying order management software infrastructure.

TBP Action: TBP engaged to evaluate OMS infrastructure of two companies, with goal of determining relative valuation of each OMS system. TBP evaluates architecture of each system, 3rd party vendor capabilities, talks to vested parties, determines target acquistion has best-of-breed software. VC moves to acquire company.

4.   Issue: Old business process of $100M company doesn't shoe-horn into new ERP system.

TBP Action: TBP brought in to redefine process, define any required modifications to software, document and train new process. ERP system goes live with "no crying at the end of the first day."

5.   Issue: MIT startup providing EDA tools gets side-tracked developing "tools for developing," not developing product. VP of Engineering new to commercial space, never led a team, never released a product.

TBP Action: TBP was brought in by the CEO to mentor the VP of Engineering, establish some product development process, including QA, documentation, and support. Product successfully released, and startup sold for $25M.

6.   Issue: IP research firm spending too much time and money per engagement.

TBP Action: TBP analyzes research methodology, researches commercial IP exploration tools. TBP rejects expensive IP search tools and recommends training on less expensive substitutes - Microsoft Excel & Access. Client trains staff, reduces per-engagement costs.

7.   Issue: Funded, early-stage Internet startup in the healthcare field has no technical team.

TBP Action: TBP brought in as VP of Engineering for the company. Instrumental in driving the requirements and development process, directing 10 person out-sourced development team. Startup was sold for $12M.

8.   Issue: Financial services startup developing back-room software has product, but doesn't know how to release it, install it, support it.

TBP Action: Developed startup's post-product-release Operating Plan, and then defined and implemented the product and service QA organization and phone & web-based Customer Support infrastructure. Corporation sold for $11M.

9.   Issue: Consulting firm losing money on successfully bid contracts, because time & expenses are not accurately tracked.

TBP Action: TBP is brought in, develops process for monitoring actual time spent vs. planned time spent, train team on how to create & maintain delivery schedules.


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